Quality cosmeceutical products that can reduce the negative effects of skin aging.

We carry a full line of Pro-Derm™ skincare products. Based on the latest scientific research, Pro-Derm™ is recommended by many doctors for concurrent use in medical interventions such as wrinkle injections, facial peels, laser treatments, and aesthetic surgery. All formulations have no mineral oil, petrolatum, animal product, perfume, and are not tested on animals.

About Pro-Derm™

The Pro-Derm™ "Anti Aging" system revitalizes and preserves a beautiful complexion. Pro-Derm™ provides you with a comprehensive selection of high quality dermaceutical products.


The Pro-Derm™ system has one facial cleanser for all skin types. Its coloured product categories, and specificied products for different skin problems, allows a flexible approach to skincare.

  • Dark Blue: added protection
  • Yellow: exfoliant
  • Light Blue: moisturizer/anti-radical free
  • Orange: skin tightening
  • Green: specialty

Protectors & Anti-Free Radical

Daily exposure to ultra-violet rays can cause photoaging, where the skin becomes thinner and dryer, skin colour yellows, and lines, wrinkles or pigment spots develop. A product that offers protection is essential in the war against wrinkles. It must be used everyday, must contain sun protection filters that are effective against UVA and UVB, and have a SPF of 15 or more.


The use of exfoliating products will improve the suppleness and texture of your skin, shrink dilated pores, and contribute to fading blemishes or other skin imperfections.

Anti-Free Radical Moisturizers

The use of anti-free radical moisturizers will lighten complexion and stimulate the production of collagen in the skin to help improve skin tone and reduce wrinkles.

Skin Lighteners

Repeated or extended exposure to ultra-violet rays, heredity, or hormonal factors can cause brown pigment spots, melasma, etc. Lightening products will contribute to the gradual fading of the spots as well as preventing new areas of hyper-pigmentation.

Pro-Derm™ SPF 60

Sun exposure may cause sunburn, premature aging of the skin and skin cancer. Regular use of Pro-Derm™ SPF 60 anti-UVA and UVB cream with broad spectrum protection offers an optimal defense against those harmful effects.

For more information on Pro-Derm™, please visit the Pro-Derm™ website.

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