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IPL Photo Rejuvenation

IPL is fast, convenient and virtually painless for treating sun damage and more.

IPL PhotoRejuvenation reduces and eliminates unsightly sun damage visible on your skin, such as freckles, fine lines and larger brown age or liver spots. Whether on your face, hands, neck, chest or back, you’ll look like you’ve turned back time. It uses light to repair and revive your skin in an effective, non-invasive, and proven way. With IPL there’s no peeling, scabbing or redness, and it’s so fast, you could do it even over your lunch break.

How It Works

IPL PhotoRejuvenation uses a technology called Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), which stimulates the production of collagen. As the new collagen forms, fine lines and wrinkles are decreased. IPL technology improves both the superficial and deeper skin layers and rejuvenates the skin while delivering beneficial thermal energy to deep tissue. After a series of treatments, you’ll see a significant reduction of unwanted pigmentation and the appearance of smoother, revitalized skin.

At first glance, IPL is similar to conventional lasers, which emits a fixed wavelength of light. But IPL technology is far different than laser technology by producing a broad spectrum of light in a range of wavelengths. These wavelengths are customized to suite your type of skin and its needs by a trained IPL physician or technician.

Before Treatment
(damaged skin)
During Treatment
(target tissue responds)
After Treatment
(rejuvenated skin)

What I Can Expect

A cold gel is usually applied to the area to be treated, and you may be given dark glasses to protect your eyes from the bright light. The smooth glass surface of the IPL handpiece through which pulses of light are emitted, is gently applied to your skin. You may feel a slight sting, like the snapping of a small rubber band. A topical anesthetic can be applied to reduce discomfort, but is seldom required.

Treatment is generally administered in a series of 4 - 6 procedures, about three weeks apart. An individual treatment takes about 15 minutes and is virtually pain-free, allowing you to resume your everyday activities immediately after treatment.

Results/Photo Gallery

The true test of whether or not a treatment is effective is in the results. IPL Photorejuvenation produces dramatic results in patients with sun damaged skin. Have a look at some real life cases.

Photographs provided by IPL Manufacturer.


Before After

Female with sun damage and freckles before and after 3 IPL treatments.


Before After

Female with pigmented lesions before and after 1 IPL treatment.


Before After

Female with red vascular lesions before and after 2 IPL treatments.

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