BLU-U® for Acne

BLU-U® blue light photodynamic therapy is an advanced treatment for managing acne (moderate inflammatory acne vulgaris).

It is recommended as an alternative to or in combination with antibiotics or topical treatments. Employing therapeutic blue light, BLU-U® selectively targets and destroys acne-causing bacteria (P. Acnes). Treatments are safe and comfortable, managing acne in teenagers and adults. The average patient will experience a gradual improvement of active acne and breakouts with several BLU-U® treatments.

The treated areas are sensitive to light therefore, patients will need to avoid sunlight and sources of bright light for at least 40 hours after BLU-U® is applied.

You should not be treated with BLU-U® if you have:

  • Skin sensitivity to blue light
  • Porphyria (a disorder of the metabolism that can lead to sensitivity to light)
  • Allergies to chemicals called porphyrins
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